While many homeowners can handle a small clog with the use of a plunger, bigger problems will require professional services of the qualified plumbers from Plumbing 4 Less. We can diagnose and repair problem toilets as well as install a new toilet if the old one is beyond repair. If a homeowner is having constant problems with a toilet, it might be time to replace the toilet with a brand-new one. If you are in need of any plumbing services in Atlanta call Plumbing 4 Less now at 678-820-4747 and schedule an appointment, or click here to have our staff reach out to you!



– Diagnosis

Whether it’s a leaking, running or clogged toilet, we will diagnose the problem before handling the solution. A customer might be ready to toss out the toilet and replace it with a new one. We can tell you if the toilet is worth repairing, or if it needs to be replaced.

– Repairs

Repairing a toilet can mean replacing old piping in the bathroom, fixing a cracked bowl or discovering a leak in the toilet’s wax seal. Many older toilets can become worn especially if the pipes in the home are old and in need of repair. If the toilet is running constantly, it might need a new flapper or flush valve seal. This is a repair job too big for most homeowners, but we can easily replace flush valves.

– Clogged

Curious toddlers or an overload of paper can create a backup in the plumbing system that will cause a toilet to overflow. Often, old toilets can create constant problems for homeowners even when they are extremely careful about what they flush. We can remove clogs from stubborn, stopped up toilets. The clog could be deep in the bathroom plumbing where a homeowner can’t reach with common tools.

– Repiping

A replacement toilet might not be the answer to your problem. If your home is old, that means the pipes are old. Old pipes can become worn over time. They might leak or become easily clogged especially if they haven’t been cared for properly over the years. We can replace the pipes that are leaking or worn.

Prevent Emergencies

– Have Pipes Inspected Regularly

It’s better to have routine inspections of the pipes than to be surprised by a broken or leaking pipe that could create a lot of damage. Damage from leaks can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. It’s important to be proactive.

– Don’t Wait

At the first sign of trouble, call us to come fix it. If you see water leaking around a seal or from a pipe around the toilet, don’t wait for it to become a major issue. If the toilet isn’t always flushing with enough power, contact us before the toilet becomes clogged.

– Don’t Flush Foreign Objects

Make sure the small children in your house aren’t flushing toys or large objects down the toilet. Adults shouldn’t use the toilet for ridding themselves of old food while doing dishes either. Be careful what gets flushed down the toilet.

Contact Plumbing 4 Less at 678-820-4747. We can do routine maintenance on your toilet or the pipes connecting the toilet to the rest of the home. Don’t wait until there’s an emergency before calling.